Bus ruins Weather Channel's livestream of Georgia Dome implosion


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This is a metaphor for America, isn’t it?


That’s exactly how I felt when a small cloud obscured the sun just before totality during the August eclipse, then moved off nonchalantly just after totality ended.


All the comics I’ve seen cover this, no one made hay of the fact that the side of the bus has a big sign for “Spot the signs of a stroke”. Missed opportunity.


No, it’s a bus.

Did I miss something?


Jockeying for the best seats to an implosion?


And the bus driver’s like, “Wouldya look at that? Neat. Well, gotta go.”


usually three come at the same time… so


That was awesome. You’re either on the bus or off the bus.



If they’d sent Cantori he’da Lifted the goddamned bus outta the way damnit


Is it irrational for me to hate that bus driver so much?


Made even more appropriate by the banner on the side of the bus.


Nah, the Weather Channel made a rookie mistake by placing their camera where it could easily be blocked.




I’ll also note that a couple of hours prior to the implosion and a couple of hours after, they had shut down the marta train for that section, so they could check it over after, so there were more buses covering that area during the morning (probably from about 5 to about 11am. It wasn’t surprising that a bus got in the way, since there were probably a ton more milling about around downtown at the time.

They should have been across the street to get an unobstructed view of the demo!


And this, folks, is why you should take public transport.


Not the first time…


Controlled demolitions of buildings using shaped explosive charges to destroy structural elements in such a way to cause it to collapse inward is not an implosion.

An implosion, where material is accelerated towards a center point, is the opposite of an explosion, where the material is accelerated away from a center point.

You could destroy a building through implosion, by say, creating a vacuum in the center of the building, while increasing the pressure outside the building, so that the difference in pressure caused the walls of the structure to be drawn inward.

This method would be more expensive, more unpredictable, and generally ridiculous, but it would be closer to an implosion than the conventional method of controlled collapse.


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