Bush-McCain "Tijuana Bibles" at DNC

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2008/08/26/bushmccain-tijuana-b.html

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I regret that I have to wait till I get home to view this.


Maybe I’m just old and humor-impaired, but can someone explain how a homophobic cartoon poking fun at a guy dying of cancer and another who is 10 years irrelevant is supposed to help the Democratic Party? Does the guy behind it work for the Trump 2020 election campaign?


I’m no fan of either one of them, but I agree insofar as there are better ways to make fun of them than resorting to homophobic and transphobic humor.

I’d also say that it’s the author who, though he probably means well, is out of touch.

It was homophobic and transphobic back in 2008 too, but at least it isn’t current.


What is wrong with these people?

I see. @orenwolf, our offensive past is catching up with us!