Trump threatens to "kick El Chapo's ass," then calls FBI when El Chapo returns threat


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Apparently Berke Breathed is firing Bloom County back up, because he simply could not stand to be away from this presidential cycle thanks to Trump’s presence.



Hopefully we’ll get the original Dennis Miller show back as well…


Can’t be real. Surely the genuine El Chapo would have promised to make Trump eat his own nether parts rather than his words.


You’d have to get a clone out of cold storage and make sure it never finds out about what direction Miller (orig) has gone in over the past couple decades… :wink:


No, the funny thing is, the real El Chapo is much more dignified than Donald Trump, despite being a literal killer and criminal mastermind.


El Chapo is the epitome of the successful businessman.Trump not so much.We should naturalize him and run him for president.He could probably balance the budget and couldn’t possibly be as murderous as our last few administrations.


I dunno, he might give Cheney a run for his money.


Not once he fed Cheney to his dobermans.Damn he’s sounding better and better.
Oh wait that makes no sense,Sorry.I gotta stop having Bourbon with my corn flakes.


trump is a secret agent of the democratic party which will make up for his business losses.


He went down the path of having a career after Monday Night Football.


one is a soulless psychopath who will stop at nothing to further his own ends. the other is el chapo.


Not familiar. Was he already a vile, mean-spirited conservative hack, or did that happen later?


I can’t stop giggling while watching this gif…


Maybe he should wait until he has Secret Service protection before verbally sparring with a guy who, you know, has his own army?


much later


Breathed has his work cut out for him. How do you satirize a guy who is already a living cartoon character?


“No, no, no, I meant that guy over there will kick El Chapo’s ass.”


I don’t want Trump to die at the hands of a Mexican drug cartel but, my golly, I will laugh hard if he does.


I still hope he doesn’t, if only because we’d never hear the end of his supporters screaming “SEE, HE WAS RIGHT ABOUT MEXICANS ALL ALONG!”