Business is "better than ever" for the last audio cassette factory

Don’t tell Bill de Blasio!

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And now, thanks to so much software in our vehicles, even car owners can enjoy buggy rides.


I listen to Rise every day, as part of my upbeat, inspirational, low-mental-load work tunes playlist that I aptly named “coolness.”

You have to share that list.

So it’s an above-average business plan!

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Sure! Here are the first 25.

& cast your eyes to #14. Despite what any naysayers may have said in that other thread about songs being played since childhood, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” is a kick-ass song that deserves a solid, high-volume hearing every. single. day.


ps. yes there are two funkhauses, by two different artists and I don’t know who the first one is. Grabbed it off SoundCloud.


DAT was more than a flash in the pan, although it never really filtered down to home users.

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Last audio cassette factory? It’s not even the last in the US

NAC is the largest and one of the few remaining manufacturers of audiocassettes in the U.S.

In certain parts of Asia, notably India, cassette audio (esp. for film music) is still large.

But you don’t have to look far:


Cassette tapes are becoming more and more popular for small runs, band giveaways at shows, and retro-cool music like synthwave.


As I said, some managed to find a niche, but it never took over the home market before CDs got cheap enough to do the same thing but a bit better.

Challenge accepted!

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It can be, but the format you’re referencing is certainly not digital.

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I will take out the Journey song because I value my sanity but I will look into these others.


Four80East might be a great place to start. Oh and Rise is not on the list, dangit. Just missed it. It’s at slot #27.

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