Bust some ghosts with this insane remix of Ray Parker, Jr

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¿Quién te va a llamar?

¡Exterminador de Fantasmas!

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The meter is way off there.

EDIT: I take that back, this version is pretty decent.

This mashup of Nine Inch Nails and Ray Parker is pretty great:


Ray Parker Jr did a Reddit AMA today

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That can’t be the best preview gif you can come up with.

Here’s my humble contribution.


This is about a very different kind of “busting,” it seems like.

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Also, Key and Peele. Of course.


I highly recommend the entirety of Neil’s Mouth Sounds album.


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Also not to be missed, Neil’s video for Aaron


i didn’t like it the first time it was posted on boingboing and still don’t. I can’t see the point of taking a catchy song and making it less so.

A less-catchy version can be a clever deconstruction/commentary on the original, highlight or mix in unexpected ideas or connections, or just be a weird and funny thing on its own regardless of musical merit.

Or it can just be worse, of course.


Well, that’s certainly, um… what’s the word for the opposite of “better”?

I just think this was done badly and adds little to the original, I don’t mind a good remix, “brimful of Asha” springs to mind or “Confusion the 995 Pump Panel Remix” which transcends the original

worse or maybe even worserer

I think I’d have to resort to some Orwellian 1984 Newspeak, and say “It is double double plus ungood.”

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