Why isn't there a Mouth Moods topic?

I love mashups and Neil Cicierega’s Mouth Moods is his best yet. It’s seriously freaking amazing, like Paul’s Boutique level amazing.


His previous mashup “album” is also well worth your time:


He is definitely getting better at this as he goes. His original and first mashup album isn’t quite as good IMO as the newer ones, but if you dig the previous two, do check it out:


If you ain’t got time for any of that, just listen to Crocodile Chop from Mouth Silence. Probably one of the top 10 all time mashup songs I’ve ever heard.


XOXO presentation by Neil.

This presentation is the first reasonable argument for home schooling I’ve literally ever heard.

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Surf rock SOAD is wrong. It hurts me. In some deep unexplored place.

The Tim Allen sound into Disturbed’s The Sickness just wrecked me. One person in the street looked at weird. Excellent.


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There is a Mouth Moods topic:

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