"Mouth Sounds" is an hour-long mashup / performance art tribute to "All-Star"

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I listen to the Mouth Quadrilogy more often than is considered safe. But I still worry less for my own sanity than I do the man who made a mashup of “Love Rollercoaster” with NIN’s “Closer”.

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My GF is a big fan of Neil Cicierega. I haven’t given it a full listen, but she shared a few parts and I have to admit, there is some creative mixing in there. I should dedicate more time to listen, but I rarely actively listen to music like I should - and when I do - it’s mostly old comforts or sometimes “discovering” older albums of artists I liked but didn’t pick up all their stuff. (Most recently PIG’s Pigmata which has some fantastic songs. The whole album is solid.)

Now the song I am familiar with that Neil did, is this song he did under the name Lemon Demon, super silly and fun. Also I am a sucker for a good hook and a song that tells a story.

And since you mentioned Smashmouth, I am going to mention my favorite song from their first album again:

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