Butt Pudding kit from Japan




I hate to be the one to say this, but it probably tastes like ass.


It’s like the scene from Upotte.


Needs a plumber version for the laydeez…


Is it made with real butts? I only eat 100% organic free-range booty. :grin:


I was going to complain that this objectifies women, but looking at it an considering, it might not ONLY do that.



please tell me that they make a chocolate version that is larger and called badonkadonk flavor.


Hmmm… Food that twerks, might want to get the USDA involved in this one.


If butt-pudding works like rubber bands, then it is heating up as it twerks. This heat is helping to create an environment that might encourage bacterial growth – just like a real butt-crack…


I found the video soothing. Just me?


Oh thats Shin Chan on the cover of the package so yeah that totally makes sense.


Looks jello used to make it more effective/better presentation. Search you tube for Shin Chan Butt Pudding and you will see the actual product.


/play pushit
edit: the emoji cheat sheet said there were some sounds available, so I figured “Push It” was appropriate ITT, but not supported on Discourse. :thumbsdown:

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