In China, panty-clad peaches that look like delicious little butts



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fruit don’t never wear pants



I’m no prude but this just seems gross.


Sensitive question: I am a male who is trying to set a good example as something of a ‘feminist ally’, which might be a poor way to say, ‘I am trying hard not to be a dickhead’. Is there a sexist component to this that I’m not seeing? Thanks in advance!


Look, China. We expect this kind of thing from Japan, but you?

I’m very disappointed.


I know, I was flabbergasted. Maybe they’re Japanese expatriates? Or like… reincarnated or something?


Well, consider that none of the peaches are “wearing” male-style underwear.


BUTTS!!! As Will Wheaton might say…


China is copying Japan beside USA. :stuck_out_tongue:


Since it hasn’t been done, I feel compelled to utter the following:
I like peach butts and I cannot lie…


You’re the cutest thing that I ever did see

I really love your peaches in those pink pantieees.

Lovey-dovey, lovey-dovey, lovey-dovey all the time.

Dressing fruit in scanty panties isn’t a crime.


Maybe there’s a bunch of Stranglers fans in China.


Yeah, someone should be dressing up bananas too.


You could put tighty whities or even manties on peaches.


This objectifies peaches…


An upvote for you since I utterly loath that fucking song. Your lyric is at least a slight improvement.



I smell a hoax. I mean “peaches that look like delicious little butts” means that somewhere out there, there are peaches that don’t look like delicious little butts. What don’t they want us to know? It’s clearly a conspiracy.


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