Glowing ice-cream made with jellyfish proteins




Maybe worth it for sexytimes.


May result in glow-in-the-dark poop?


I’m curious to know: after it goes in what comes out?


Yum, I can’t wait to have a $175 ice cream that tastes like jellyfish spunk.


Look at it this way. Let’s say that in the future you try something else incredibly disgusting and describe it as tasting like jellyfish spunk. When some wit then asks, “How do you know what jellyfish spunk tastes like?” you’ll have the perfect answer.


That’s for the marketing department to figure out!


They are just leaving out the part about your tongue painfully swelling and breathing becoming difficult until the paramedics arrive with their jelly-fish antidote.


Jeez, talk about carriage trade…When the revolution comes I will be checking tongues.


you fools are missing the obvious application:


That’s what I was wondering… Can the protein be stabilized sot that it can survive the digestive tract?


He’s eaten jellyfish! Quick we’ve got to pee on his tongue!


The ice cream was delicious. The antidote? Not so much.


Where is the light coming from, that is illuminating his fingers? If if the light source was the ice cream, why is part of it in shadow? I’m sure the ice cream glows, somewhat. But this scene looks manipulated.


But what does it taste like?!?!


What do they taste like, Ralph?
They tasted like… buuuurnnnnniiinnng!! Waaaaah!


I think it tastes like “this is why they hate us”.


And why does the ice cream only glow on the left side?


Funny, I was just reading a book on bioluminescence last night, and that’s one of the things that actually happens. Fish poop gets colonized by luminescent bacteria and is visible to fish-poop-eating things in the abyss.


Frankenfood! Frankenfood!