Experimental fluorescent lamb with jellyfish DNA accidentally eaten


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Better than a fluorescent lamp being eaten, and definitely easier to accidentally eat.


So no one on the purchasing side noticed the brightly colored sheep and its transparent skin?


Guy on slaughter line: Hey, I just slaughter, I don’t get paid to check for transparent skin.


so… how was it?


You know, if Roger Corman was still directing, this would be in theatres next month…


I hope it was mint jellyfish.


“Those who suspect they might’ve passed this abomination* are instructed to turn off their bathroom lights to try to detect any glowing traces in their toilet bowl”

Abomination, because the chops pictured are CLEARLY missing cumin powder and mustard marinade. Savages.


so… how was it?

surprisingly light for lamb


Need some engineered chickens to update Seuss…
I will not eat green eggs and lamb?


I was thinking that’s how it passed muster: the transparent green skin was mistaken for a mint infusion.

Mmmmm. Pass the muster please.


Oh, brave new world, that has such sheep in it!


If humans still exist in a hundred years, they’ll probably be eating jellyfish engineered to taste more like lamb (or some such thing).


that, or rocket deer


In some parts of the world people do eat jellyfish. I’ve wanted to try it myself for some time but no matter how well they know me at the Vietnamese restaurant they always insist that I stick with the pho or the chicken with lemongrass.


I tried preparing it myself once, but it obviously needed a more experienced chef, as it turned into liqui-fish immediately.


Do you mean that it is on their menu, but they refuse to make it for you? Lame!


Don’t critters normally get to the butcher’s shop with the skin already removed?


They sure do, but the slaughterhouse is your first point of sale.


See, this just goes to show that if you’re gonna eat critter, you’d best do it kosher for all the critters you can.