Butterflies instead of herbicides to kill cocaine crops?




So. Lets not use chemicals to kill the crops; instead, we will use a plague, and the narcos will of course not employ pesticides to fumigate their crops because…

Let me make a forecast - implement this plan, and you will see the price of cocaine go sky high for a few growing seasons, then back to normal. The enviromental impact may not be too bad as all the other toxic bullshit used to process the coke leaves is already polluting things right and left, but well, just add a few more carcinogens.


The problem is catching the little buggers. They are fast and fidgety and can alternate between caring and aggressive.


Is there any party/leader in Columbia suggesting they decriminalize coke within the country’s borders and tax it heavily to pay for increased police presence, drug treatment, etc? I have a good idea of the pushback that nation would get for such a thing, but given the pile Mt. Olympus of cash that’s been thrown away in keeping coke as contraband, and given that they’re down to talking about using insects to control the coke crop…what other solutions are left that Columbia hasn’t tried?


What happens when you snort the powdered butterflies?


So Colombia is proposing a new variant on the Mongoose Problem, eh?


If I could play guitar, I’d totally start a punk cover band called Cocaine Eating Butterflies.


Definitely makes me reconsider the “whimsical grinder for making insect flour”.


I for one welcome the interdiction community’s mission to authenticate tussock risk management and underwrite milkweed that serve disjoint pollinators. Out of their pockets.


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