Rich-world agricultural subsidies ensure coca leaves are Colombia's only viable cash crop

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Big Corp saw the profit in Cocaine, so they stole it for themselves. Please don’t be surprised…


Solution - make it a legal crop. Though perhaps require a certain percentage of your land MUST be used to grow normal food. That way you don’t have the whole nation making coca.

It would probably mean other countries would STOP growing it as they couldn’t compete.

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Yeah, but what about those sweet dollars Netflix is making off of Narcos, and all those dorm rooms with Scarface posters? Surely that makes up for it… /s


Oh I know! The US could subsidize domestic coca farmers. That way, the Colombians can’t compete… problem solved!


Of course, you could completely pull the rug from under the coca farmers by stopping the war on people err I mean drugs.


Big Corp saw the profit in Cocaine

Big Corp…or Big Crop.

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Who knew the war on drugs was really the war on American farm subsidies.
(edit: in other news: US farmers push back against Big Crop by hacking their tractors with foreign software.)

I don’t think our climate is good for growing it, otherwise we would have more growers in the US like we do weed.


For the love of god please legalise all drugs now! The vast majority of the horrific adverse impacts associated with cocaine production, distribution and use are a function of its illegality.

It turns you into a loudmouthed boor whether it’s legal or not…

Honest question: can someone explain this?

What is wrong with the deal?

I dunno; the one time I got high on coke, I had a room full of people pissing themselves.

I can see why it’s so popular in showbiz, particularly stand-up.

Coca is not cocaine and I chewed my fair share of coca leaves while I hiked to Machu Picchu many years ago. I don’t know if I could have made it if it weren’t for the leaves. It is utterly ridiculous that it is mostly illegal.


Coca leaves most certainly do contain cocaine.

What they don’t have is cocaine hydrochloride, the stabilised powder form common in the west.

Chewed coca leaves deliver a slow, gradual trickle of cocaine to the brain. Negligible adverse impact, very useful for fatigue and altitude sickness.

Cocaine hydrochloride gives a sudden and abrupt whack of cocaine to the brain. Fun, but somewhat dangerous (although still at the safer end of the spectrum compared to the real nasties).


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