Butterfly pupa looks like a scary snake

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My name is Dynastor. This is my brother Darius and my other brother Darius.

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Actual Gabon Viper for comparison…

That’s seriously uncanny. Obviously such a thing couldn’t have evolved, and must have been made directly by God, back in the Garden of Eden, where no animal killed another animal and thus this “defense mechanism” served no purpose. So obviously God made it for funsies, like everything else.

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It does look like a Gaboon viper (which is not a pit viper, as the article suggests)… this is odd, given that it comes from Trinidad, and Gaboon vipers live thousands of miles away, in West Africa.

None of the snakes found in Trinidad seem to look especially similar, though they are vaguely reminiscent of the Fer-de-lance.

It’s called intelligent design.

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He designed the hell out of influenza…that sucker spreads so smartly. :smile: and those worms that can only live in the eyes of human children making them go blind…genius.

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But “intelligent design” is intelligent. This is creatures “designed” that fit perfectly into roles that didn’t exist when they were designed, designs that served no meaningful purpose, thus making it, I don’t know, whimsical design.


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