Not a bird. Not a plane. It's a mildly venomous snake


Well hello there, nightmare. Having lived in Southeast Asia where the rather large fruit bats would sometimes take offense at your passing by and therefore swoop down to use your head as a touch-and-go spot, the thought of snakes flying through the air is just a touch too much.
Snakes in the muthafucken Air!


In an article titled Scents of Place in the May June 2000 edition of Saudi Aramco World Tim Mackintosh-Smith describes visiting frankincense groves. He remembers Herodotus, who claimed the groves were guarded by “vicious flying snakes”.

Later on his guide tells him, “Watch out for snakes.”

I remembered Herodotus. “Not flying ones…?”

“Yes. They jump out of the samur trees.”

Herodotus, I thought, I shall always give you the benefit of the doubt.

I always remember that as an illustration of how some legends do have a basis in fact.


I used to think that walking into a giant spider web in the middle of the woods was the worst

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It didn’t happen often, and I couldn’t say why the bats did what they did, but it was really something to see if you were not the target. My own ranking would put the banana-spider-on-the-head just below an aerial bat attack, and way, WAY below a freakin aerial snake attack.

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I’m still more impressed by the helium balloon sharks.

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Sweet jesus. Nobody show this to my wife.

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I don’t NEED a motherfucking plane!


Monty’s Flying Python Circus?

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