Buy a basket and keep a girl in school

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I’d love to buy some baskets, but it’s really difficult to tell from either the Facebook page or the website where I can order.


or call 513-376-8192 for more information.

I saw that, but there’s no direct way to order online. Phone orders only? No way to see the various baskets offered?


The baskets that are offered are constantly changing. If you look at their Facebook page you can see they travel around the US to sell them.
I spoke with the woman selling the ones here and she explained to me that they are created by the girls and there isn’t just a set design, so each one is unique. She actually sold out while she was here and has to wait for more to be made and sent to her to sell again.
My guess is you can call them and see if they can get more info to you about the current baskets they have in.

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Thanks for the info.

When I read the title, I thought you were recommending concealing girls in baskets. Thankfully I was mistaken.

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