Help! I need this dress!

My daughter’s looking for a dress for prom, and everything is just dripping with sequins and rhinestones. What she wants is something like this satin dress Rihanna’s wearing:

And … we can’t find anything like it anywhere. We did find a store where we could special order something similar from England, but it won’t get here in time. If anyone can find a similar knockoff, hopefully under $200, please help! Prom is the 4th!

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I love this kind of question!

Have you tried There’s a manufacturer called Dearta that has quite a few satin sheath-type dresses. I don’t see anything with quite as daring a neckline but I haven’t gone through all the choices. Asking Amazon for “dearta satin sheath” will get you a lot of options. I like this one:

Well I’ve tried Amazon, yeah, with a lot of different search terms. It’s often really hard to get it to show the thing you want! I think the really important requirements, for her, are the “triangular” look of the top, a low back, and a slit skirt. And that it’s satin but I think we might have to compromise on that one.

I’ve got a few promising things on the Asos website, whenever she gets up from her migraine.

This one is . . . kinda?

From the term “car wash” I assume there are multiple slits, though the pictures don’t do a good job of showing that. It was the closest thing I found on Bluefly, but they did have a good selection of other nice dresses in that price range.

Good luck; I like shopping for clothes when I don’t need anything, but I absolutely hate it when I’m looking for something specific, because it’s so hard to find just the right thing.


Slightly different, but maybe this would do?

Rachelle Rose Designs Prom Dress - Style: TJ003

You’d have to take off the rhinestone clasp at the waist, though.

If we are talking June 4th, this won’t help. The shipping is too long. But perhaps for another event.

Okay, I’ll just list links as I find them right here.
Over budget though

Gah, I keep finding dresses and going “yes!!”. Then I see they are four thousand dollars.

Sorta kinda… well, not even close, but it fits budget and timeline.

Good luck, this isn’t gonna be an easy challenge. Like I mentioned down thread, getting something local, and getting it fitted might be the best option. I dunno. :smile:


Nice find! Looks like it’s made-to-order though. Same thing with a lot of the stuff that comes up for “v-neck” “slit skirt” “low back” “dress” searches.

I’m guessing prom is right around the corner.

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Yeah, this is tough. It might be easier to get something off the rack that’s close and find a good seamstress.

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It doesn’t have that slit, though. And it’s the wrong Color. And it’s over budget.

You’d think that this would be solved with a database and a controlled vocabulary.

I think “carwash” refers to multiple slits.

(Has an animation of the effect)


It’s a “stretchy knit”, though

Wow, they’re not kidding about that car wash effect. I had the Rose Royce song playing in my head.


Yep, it does. Or sometimes fringe . . .

Why don’t more clothing listings come with video?


Have you tried Alibaba?

%100 polyester satin!

(plus, you’re quids in if you can sell the other 199 you don’t need…)


Are we still playing this game?

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Fame & Partners, unfortunately, is out because they custom-make the dresses and it’s 10-14 business days. The dress she wanted was on there. I’m going to show her some of these, though, and hope she doesn’t sneer at them (I’m getting very tired of dress shopping lol).


Everything linked so far is fabulous. Except possibly the forever21 I linked, cause it will likely last 36 hours tops. They are not known for quality.

Couldn’t you find something on The Real Real? Finding a 2 year old Stella McCartney might be asking too much, but you should be able to find something equally fabulous from last season or the one before that for a pretty decent price.

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Sorry for the off topic :smiley:

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