Best augmented reality app for shoe shopping online

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Other than flip-flops and the like - no online shopping, no catalogues.
My feet and the lasts most manufactures use exist in different realities.
Got to try them on.


Agreed. I was going to say much the same - my feet are slightly different in size and shoes are only ever purchased in a shop where I can try different sizes on. Even shoes of allegedly the same size appear to randomly fit or not fit. Standards/sizes seem to be ‘interpreted’ differently by different manufacturers. I would never buy shoes online.


I tried Zappos at one time because they would take the shoes back without a hassle. Which was a good thing, because I needed them to.


Still too much hassle. Choosing, ordering, waiting, trying, rewrapping, returning. Rinse and repeat a few times until satisfied or given up. Shops are tops for shoes!


No, you know what? This is not called trying on shoes. This is called not trying on shoes. I could do this with a mail-order catalog back in the 70s.

As long as there is a safe distance between us and the shoe event horizon…


Do you want to try on a pair of shoes… in cyberspace?

……… No?

The most important thing about a shoe is how it looks, right?

Except that you kept finding yourself in the women’s undergarments section …

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