Buy Bowie's amazing 1960s stereo and his Memphis furniture collection


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That would go perfectly with this house:



I desire the hi-fi, but most Memphis stuff makes me sad. I guess for the same reason my mother is massively intolerant of “mid-century modern” furniture, even when it’s really good.


You may not be able to afford that one, but this one is available


PeeWee’s Playhouse is totally not how I envisioned Bowie’s flat to look.


I always thought the Memphis stuff was really fun, but also, who could pull that off in their home? Bowie. Of course.


Turntable’s not centered…


That typewriter is amazing.


I really want to see it all in place



Well the one in the Bowie auction is valued at much less than the Ebay one: #US800 - $US1400. But of course the auction may break the bank as it’s Bowie.


Very good ! Well Bowie sold most of his real estate when he married and he only had the NY apartment and the up state NY country lodge. The auction catalogue is enormous and he must have had the majority in storage. He had employed a full time art curator ever since the 1970s (2 of them). I bought the Sotherby catalogue which comprises 3 thick books of paintings and sculpture, furniture and ceramics. Bowie was a professional collector, an artist, art critic, an editor of art magazine Modern Painters, and co-owner of art book publisher House 21. His own work is not in the auction. He used to joke that his art projects were a full time job and singing was just a hobby.

BTW… he also said about Memphis furniture that you could only put one piece in a room - nothing else. Otherwise it would look silly. I guess he agreed with you that it had limitations. But apparently he loved all art and craft that went against convention.





I’ve been a fan of his work since I was 8 (ie - the early 80’s). I knew he had a keen interest in art, however, Memphis is one I wasn’t aware of him having a fondness for. Thank dog he didn’t try to furnish an entire flat with this stuff.

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