Incredible 1960 time capsule apartment


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My folks had a mold for making those two decorative concrete bricks by the door. We had a garden wall made from them in the 1970’s.


Its called a “screen block”. Nothing to do with DRM.


No macramé?


I had a bookcase made out of them and leftover boards. Worked great for that, and was a room divider too.


The lack of macrame is a nonstarter for me, as well.


macrame was more of a 70s thing, really. what i want to know is, why is he keeping his shoe buffer in the living room, and not in the bedroom like he’s supposed to?


so hideous, yet comforting…


No Keane prints?


No chalkware on the wall?


/looks at pictures of apartment
Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyy?
/looks at picture of him
Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyy?


he apparently buys the whole early 60s thing except in his own hair and style.



Those folks who live as full-on victorians scoff at him!


NASA did what now?


My grandparents had a holiday home in what is now a very upmarket seaside town in Devon, and it had just this kind of blast-from-the-past decor. My extended family sold it a few years back and they were all “we’ll have to take whatever we can get because of the horrible outdated furnishings which don’t even come from Ikea” and I was like “are you full of crystal meth those interiors belong in a museum” but they didn’t pay attention because they don’t really regard me as human.

Anyway, I gather the buyers knocked it down and built something else.


My grandmother had a trailer home that she never bothered to live in, resulting in an uninteded time capsule like this apartment. Everything inside of it was pretty much undisturbed since the 1960’s. There was even food in the cabinets that was from that time. I can attest that rice krispies don’t get better with age.


This looks as authentic as what the aliens cobled together to comfort Dr. Bowman.


For extra authenticity make sure colored people aren’t allowed in the building.


I find a lot of the 60’s decor straddles the line between terrible and awesome. But i really love that it has character. All the pics from this guy’s place are cool :smiley:


That was the 70s, guys. The 70s.