Buy Your College Kids a Stamp and Teach Them How to Lick It

PLEASE help your kid’s votes make it in this year.

“(A) focus group this summer found many college students who have gotten an absentee ballot simply fail to send it back because a U.S. Postal Service stamp seems to be a foreign concept to them.”

One stamp could make a difference.





Apparently varies by state…

In Minnesota, where I am, the return postage is pre-paid. (Yay for Minnesota!) However, you do need a witness who is also a registered Minnesota voter, or else a notary. So a college student who is away somewhere at college and knows no one else there who is also registered to vote in Minnesota, would need to go through the steps of finding a notary to witness their vote.

I think it would be highly worthwhile for absentee voters to request the ballot materials early and familiarize themselves with the specific requirements. Concerned parents could probably find out enough info online to figure out what might be particular stumbling blocks for their own child’s situation. Then, e.g., they could probably locate a notary near their child’s location (there’s very likely one on a college campus—at a student legal services office, or maybe the bursar’s office, etc., or at a nearby bank or credit union).

Parents could even request an absentee ballot for themselves, and make voting by mail be a sort of shared long-distance family activity :slight_smile:

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But if they sign up for stamps[dot]com, they also get a free scale. I mean, I don’t need my kids getting shafted on weed deals…


Absentee Voting Starts in Virginia Today!


Tell your kids to vote or they won’t get beer money.

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Do they not do field trips to the post-office anymore? Or pen pals?

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Don’t be silly! You just order them through Amazon!

I know that two of the grocery stores near me sell stamps at the customer service counter. And apparently some of the big-box stores like Walgreens, Target, and big office supply stores may sell them, but not necessarily at all stores, so it would probably be worth calling ahead to ask. Some stores may be an official outlet, others may simply resell stamps as a service to customers, I believe.

Also, of course, you can order stamps online through the US postal service.

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Do it!


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