BuzzFeed axes a $1.3 million ad deal with the RNC over Trump


This sounds more like a turf war. Buzzfeed doesn’t want anyone else trying to corner their market in clickbait. And Trump’s campaign is pure distilled clickbait. Worse, in covering the Trump campaign, the mainstream media is starting to look indistinguishable from Buzzfeed. I bet they’re real pissed.


He is doing a necessary job. He pulled the lid of the jerk jar, which turned out to be bafflingly larger that most people thought.

And even if he’s a hemorrhoid, he’s the best, most tremendous hemorrhoid ever. Seriously, if your bumologist saw it, he’d cross himself and take up drinking.


Shouldn’t it have been a numbered list? #5 blew my mind.


I think BuzzFeed is making the right move here, but this seems exactly the kind of news Trump and his supporters would use to advertise that what they are doing is working. Plus in Trump’s camp literally any press about him is good press, he should be referenced as he-who-shall-not-be-named-but-still-shat-upon.


Perhaps the RNC is the asshole and now must ask itself if the projectile diarrhea its spews into the toilet of American politics is worth being taken over by the tremendous thrombosed hemorrhoid feeding off their toxic crap.


RNC chief strategist and spokesman Sean Spicer said in a statement to CNN that the RNC “never intended” to use the ad space reserved with BuzzFeed.


Trump is cheap imitation calamari?


BuzzFeed actually has an extremely good news department. It’s surprising how good it is given how BuzzFeed started in clickbait listicles.


Makes me wonder which members of that motley crew they were eager to run ads for when they made the deal. Cruz? Carson? Fiorina?


Boobs fulfil an important biological function as well as often being aesthetically pleasing. Trump does neither.


100 Amazing Reasons Buzzfeed Said NO To Trump!!! Number 14 with SHOCK you! And numbers 16 through 97. Number 12 will make you roll your eyes and say, “Tsk!”


I’m still amazed that Buzzfeed was founded by Chelsea Peretti’s brother.


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