Cable caught in street sweeper causes bizarre car accident


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You Do Not Mess with high tensile strength.

Even the delightfully capable shredders that can deal with engine blocks, mixed concrete and rebar, and similar demanding loads can choke on steel cables if they are long enough to get wrapped around one or both of the shredding rollers. Then the least lucky employee of the day gets to descend into the shredder with an angle grinder to cut it off!


That’s some serious horsepower on that rotating brush.


Ah, human beings: still the most hilarious species on the planet.

Your move, felinus domesticus.


Is it really ever their move?


Yeah, sure, the old ‘steel cable in a street sweeper’ excuse.

Silly muggles.


Torque… but the brushes are probably driven by the same motor that’s driving the wheels, which is beefy because a street sweeper has to be able to haul around a big water tank and a load of wet dirt. Since this type of accident is a rare freak occurence, the engineers probably didn’t bother with a limiting clutch for the brushes, even though they’re far more powerful than they really need to be.

ETA that guy on the moped is damn lucky he didn’t lose a leg.




Yeah, after the 5th viewing and figuring out exactly where the invisible wire was … I was thinking that guy on the bike just missed being catapulted some serious distance.


I love how the pedestrians seemed unfazed and crossed the street.


Come on, that’s ridiculous. We know it’s really because of psychokinesis.


They probably didn’t have entanglement in mind. Those bristles are usually spring steel of fairly modest thickness, so the brushes self-limit how much violence gets applied to whatever is being brushed, even if the rotors keeps spinning merrily away; but that doesn’t help once something gets wrapped around the rotors.


China is the world capital of shit happens. Especially bad public and workplace safety shit. They have seen it all before.


Priorities – they’re concentrating on escaping from their next encounter with an escalator.


Really want to make a Streetcar Named Rewire joke, but mostly I hope no one was injured in the accident. I know they were unseen inside work vehicles on the other side of the planet, but still, it seems insensitive.


As a bored teenagers we used to sneak out in the middle of the night and stretch a rope across a street between two poles, hoping for the thrill of snapping someone’s antenna. It never worked out; the cars always noticed the rope and took a different route. It ended when a cop car came and camped out on the block for an hour while we cowered in the bushes. Forget fire, don’t let kids play with high tensile wire.


Or killing a motorcyclist. Someone once tried that on me, putting a strand of barbed wire across two trees on either side of a green road; fortunately I had on upper body protection, and saw it in time to escape serious injury…
I simply can’t say here what I think of you, because it will surely be deleted. You don’t even really seem ashamed of what you did.


I prefer to think it was due opposite magnetic charges and I recommmend, urge, you to do the same.


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