How to tow a car with rope and no-one at the wheel


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Top Chair!


Not Florida?


He’s “lucky” that he lost the tailgate at that point, the car would probably have smashed into the tree.

(Honestly, he’s lucky that the car didn’t hit his truck, someone else, or do much property damage… this looks like it failed about as gently as it could…)



Yes, that is a complete sentence.


Towing a car with a rope is potentially dangerous enough… but no one at the wheel? It boggles the mind what they were thinking.


It really is! I’ve been the ‘driver’ in the following car before, once on the highway (at night, late late at night). I only had brakes, and only sort of. I was young and still invincible. We got away with it. And yes, that guy is still a close friend 25 years later. Much trust there.


When i was a kid we were on the tail end of a long summer road trip. We were driving back to out hometown when we see a car towing a compact car with a rope on a highway. We hang back because we know this can’t end well, the car being towed eventually lost control, went off the road and with perfect timing it launched itself through a road sign.


I have to assume they exceeded 30mph. You can’t do that.


Oh yeah, they for sure did


Is it bad that I’m laughing?

  1. I don’t think I would attempt to two a car with out someone in it.

  2. If I did, I would use a tow bar.

  3. If I used tow ropes or chains, I’d attach it to two points on either side of the front and make it a shorter distance.

  4. If I only had one rope, I think I would try towing it BACKWARDS, so that the front wheels wouldn’t move as much. But I bet it would be hard to take corners.


I’ve done that with a Bedford 3.5 ton truck, no airbrakes cos the engine was dead. Had to put it in second and ride the clutch to slow down on the bends. It was… enervating.


You know how it’s hard to compare different kinds of stupid? Apples and oranges and what have you?

I used to believe that, but oh my GOD this is stupid! Like apples and oranges, but the orange weighs eight pounds and is the size of a basketball.


But it worked with mah dawg!


That’s the real missing ingredient here. This poor schmuck has no friends.


Do we know for sure the whole thing wasn’t to remove the tail gate? :thinking:


Complete idiots. They clearly had no idea what they were doing and didn’t think it through at all. It was always going to end badly. If only they had turned their phone sideways, it would perhaps have all been OK. (Guy towing car wasn’t much smarter)


Worst tailgate party evar.


The problem here is that the truck isn’t going fast enough.

You can barely do any property damage at all at that speed, all that happened was a tailgate fell off!

If you want to demolish a house with this technique, you really need at least 60mph.