California man arrested after sucker-punching two victims in different incidents

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Are these arseholes no longer “gentlemen”?


Prediction: This will turn out to be a poorly-thought-out prank for YouTube views.


Please put him UNDER the jail.


This happened to me and a few of my neighbors in another part of the country. No known motive and certainly not a prank. No video, no witnesses come forward and no one comes to aid after the attack. Usually one devastating punch from behind so no way to ID anyone.


Not going to watch THIS video, but will watch the ones where he’s shackled in court and sentenced to (hopefully) a damn long time behind bars.


He must be one of those Alpha Males we hear about. Andrew Tate will defend him. /s


Looking forward to his podcast and book tour. Welcome to Trump’s America.


I protected myself pretty good. I hit him in the stomach but it wasn’t really that effective.

What kind of a monster is Nathan Manyari?! Punching a clearly pregnant man in the stomach?!

In other news, well done Nathan Manyari; and, hopefully, Angel Sanchez Jr will spend some time reconsidering his actions in a cell. Also, hopefully his family tell him to fuck off for Christmas.

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Reality has caught up to and now run past effected propriety.

In Australia, sucker punches were once known as a king hit.

Then we decided that we’d had enough of news reports of someone minding their own business, getting punched from behind in the back of the head, and/or hitting their head on the concrete when they fell, and ending up dead from a single punch. So, through the media, we renamed them.

That sort of attack is now only referred to as a Coward Punch.


Just part of turning 30 after marathoning the most recent Saint Seiya, when your faded black clothes form a cocoon and you turn to goop until your hairbun directs a new phenotype from the vast catalog of mugshot humanity. Er, and they go through a postdoc while making sure everyone’s pram is full of a set of mocktails also.

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