The arrest of Paul Dozsa: "And you sir? Are you waiting to receive my limp penis?"



I’m just amazed at how few cops it took to lift him into the car. The policy now seems to have two or three times that number of cops beat the guy like a redheaded stepchild.

I think they skip the car now and go right to the beatings. Especially once a fine young man has dined on a succulent chinese meal.

They would also all be shouting “stop resisting” even after his unconscious (or lifeless) body was face down on the pavement.

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This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I will shortly have a house song built entirely around the sample “GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY PENIS!”


This is charming, but I don’t really understand why it’s up front today.

It’s like something out of The Venture Bros.

See if you can make it into a ring tone.


“…beat the guy like a redheaded stepchild.”

I hate this simile. There’s is so much wrong with the phrase starting with Kick a Ginger day, the number of hate crimes directed at redheads (especially in the UK), and the fact stepchildren are more likely to suffer from abuse. And, yes, I am a redhead.

May I suggest you use “beat him like an old rug” for next time?

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I personally prefer “like a rented mule.”


Is this really an issue in the UK? I think a lot of the repetition on the internet is from amused and baffled North Americans. It would be like finding out Australians discriminate against those with widow’s peaks.

Short answer: Hell, yes, Gingerism exists in the UK. Long answer: read the myriad of articles on it.

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Yeah, it baffles me too, coming from a country were red-headed people are so rare to be almost revered as gods… but definitely here in UK, being ginger is not easy. Even when talking about all-round football (soccer) hero Paul Scholes, some people will always say he was great “despite being ginger”.

But then again, just today I’ve witnessed a slightly-drunk gentleman who, after boarding a plane from Aberdeen and being suggested a different position for his bag by a fellow passenger, retorted in all seriousness with “HA, a Scottish man telling me what to do! That’s unbelievable!”. I was tempted to point out that a Scottish man did, in fact, tell him and everyone else what to do, and for quite a few years: one Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Her Majesty’s Government. But I obviously thought better of it, as this gentleman was quite burly and, in truth, I’m a complete and utter coward.

UK people can be really fucked up at times.

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That’s a good one. I married a redheaded stepchild, come to think of it, and I pity the fool who would try to beat her; she’s a tough cookie. I don’t think I’ve ever used the idiom in question, but if I had to describe beating something in a hyperbolic fashion, I’d go with the rented mule.

My gearhead buddies had a phrase of high praise for their fastest hotrods: they’d say “it runs like a raped ape.” But that’s another one that doesn’t get used in my circles anymore, for obvious reasons. (We still like our cars, but believe it or not we’re not clueless teenagers anymore.)

I can neither confirm nor deny that I used that phrase specifically because of who posted the article (though I don’t know whether Rob is a stepchild or not). Also, I seem to have derailed this thread.

I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but those articles all seem to question whether it’s a thing or not.

It just seems absurd from this side of the pond, like it’s a bit of a practical joke the UK is trying to play on the world.

You may be right. As an American redhead, I can only address the bullying and taunts I’ve experienced for my hair, and what my red-headed family and friends have told me about their experience. You don’t even want to know what it’s like to be a redhead in Africa.

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