"Gary Lineker Shags Crisps" tattoo explained for Americans


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So this was not, as I originally thought, a hopelessly inept tattoo, but rather someone’s decision to use ink to scarify their body with an intentional insult to Gary Lineker. Why so much hate for Lineker? It’s not like he’s Mo Johnston or anything.


Yeah, I still don’t get it.


it’s a pun, yanks
lineker is from the midlands
welsh people shag sheeps


A pun is a play on words. That sounds more like a stereotype.


I appreciate the attempt.

Non-yank here, incidentally. “American” is debatable. This was the actual flag of the “United States of Brazil” for all of four days, though.


Except that’s not a pun, “sheep” sounds nothing like crisps, and Wales has got nothing to do with it…


damn y’all sheep shaggin for nothin


Pretty much any US American who watched Ab Fab or more than one Austin Powers movie doesn’t require the definitions. Why anyone would want a tattoo of ‘ex-footballer fucks potato chips’ is mysterious, though.


Apparently a reference to this flag seen at Glastonbury last year:

Admittedly, not like that makes it any clear. I think it’s probably self-loathing brought on by not being from the awesome city of Leicester.


Maybe it’s a palindrome?


But how else are we going to find out an ex-footballer fucks potato chips? This is real news, but the vast tuberal media conspiracy is trying to cover it up!


What has the Midlands got to do with Wales?


I think it’s because his reputation is so pure that some people think he must be up to no good.

He scored four goals in an England match on two occasions and is one of very few players never to have been given a yellow card or a red card in any type of game.


guys you really are missing the point


well, in football, it’s called a rivalry
so yes, it’s a good joke to call lineker a crisp shagger
but boinboin didnt quite catch that


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