Manly handshake




And that is without considering Warwick Cappers shorts from back in the eighties!



Looks like he’s had a makeover from Brian Eno.


No, YOU have a good game Goddammit!!!


Only game I watch, mainly for the sexy ‘uniforms’ :wink:


Typical mating behaviour of the Bull Bruce captured in all its combative glory.



Football as in rugby or football as in soccer?
Looks like rugby to me. At least judging by the buffness of both players. Not something you really see in football/soccer.


Neither - Australian rules football is an entirely different game.


Ahh, go figure. Thanks.


That’s funny. I’ve been watching Aussie Rules Football to compensate for all the wimpy soccer antics.


Yeah, Jean Paul Gaultier would have been more restrained.


You clearly inhabit a different aesthetic continuum than I: that outfit is hawt.


Wait… is rugby also called football?!


Any field sport not played while mounted is football.


Wait… what about baseball or basketball? Or are you just talking about sports from Eurasia?


No Warwick Capper was never ever hawt… I shuddered you will notice.


Okay in New South Wales Rugby League is football in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia its Aussie Rules. I am not sure what it is what Queensland as there be dragons. Australia is a federation of states where different things are all true.


I think he meant sports played in the winter.


I still think Paris’ Stade Francaise rugby team takes the cake in the uniforms department