Maori Wedding haka moves bride to tears in New Zealand


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They do this at rugby matches as well. I bet it’s a great way to get a team pumped up.


I dunno. Seems like something they are allowed to do at matches because it is “cultural”. Would a team with a different culture be allowed to collectively give a middle finger to their opposing team on the same basis?


Scare quotes around cultural? And you think this is the equivalent of the bird?


My Kiwi buddies introduced me to rugby and the haka right around the time of the epic player, Jonah Lomu . I would not want to be on the receiving end of that communication on a sports field or otherwise, prolly piss myself.


The haka is a massive part of rugby, not only New Zealand rugby but for pacific nations who perform similar challenges before their matches. Anyway it’s not giving the middle finger, it’s done as a challenge but also as a mark of respect to the opposition.


They’re allowed to do it because it’s spectacular. It gives chills to people who aren’t even slightly interested in the game. Spectators LOVE it. Listen to the roar of the crowd!

It’s so successful that other teams all over the world have been unearthing or inventing their own traditions to perform before matches similarly. The haka brought something to the table that elevated the sport’s coverage, reliably added even more drama to any match, and the sport was clever enough to get out of the way and ride those golden coattails.

Maybe they’re also allowed to do it because holy carp, would you try to stop those guys?! Yikes! :smiley:


In your “culture”, do you really have a family tradition of collectively giving a middle finger to the bride?


Now, THAT’S a wedding…


I got married in in New Zealand years ago and the ceremony looked nothing like that. I missed out.


I think that was very nice.


Helps me understand those crosseyed fierce Samurai paintings


There was a time when the haka wasn’t quite so intimidating.


I don’t get it… they all just look angry and like they’re speaking in tongues. I mean sure do your own thing I guess. I don’t understand evangelicals who roll on the ground and speak in tongues either. I don’t need to understand it… but I guess I don’t get why it moves people or gives them “chills”.




This is definitely a tradition in my family. Then again…

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It looks like a big “Fuck You” to the opposing team, not good sportsmanship. I don’t see it as respect. So, yeah, I do think one can legitimately inquire as to how this might relate to one team collectively giving a middle finger to another. The Maori version is just more “spectacular”. I’m far from convinced that makes it fundamentally different in intent.


New Zealanders should stop using haka at weddings and to greet dignitaries then, post haste! I bet they have no idea they’ve been flipping each other off the whole time. Good thing you’re here to set it straight.


wow. i don’t know what it is about it, but man do i love these.


We may be cousins then?