Why Japanese are angry over French sports-ball fans who behaved like idiots on a train

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Bakana gaijin…


Surely this is the Rugby world cup. Nothing to do with soccer.


Rugby world cup, not soccer.

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I see a “freedom fries” moment coming…


Henceforth, in Japan, French Fries shall be known as Yahoo Fries. [France shrugs in French]


I get the shoe thing. We have a shoes off policy in our house, and I will yell at my kids if they start standing on places which should be used for derrieres instead.

Due to a foot issue, I had to wear custom shoes at all times; bought two pairs: inside and outside.

A friend of mine did a semester abroad in the UAE. He said that some of his lady college friends were walking around some cities in tank-tops and short skirts because of the heat. Both the men and the women would run inside and close the doors. Not cool.

If you’re in another country, never forget that you’re tangentially representing your own.



Yeah, that outfit isn’t appropriate either :slight_smile:


Bros being bros. Something about a big event and public transit. I took San Jose’s light rail to the Stones concert, usually those cars have nothing going on, aside from the occasional dispersed convict (it has a stop conveniently located by the main jail! ). Anyways this train we were on was not very filled yet there was one obviously drunk passenger having a glory days moment making sure we remembered the lines to “satisfaction” over and over again. Something about public transit that just brings out the

> the-a-tre

in people


Funny thing is Japanese people can be quite rude to each other on the subway with groping, falling on people in naps, loud use of personal electronics. But they cannot abide foreigners doing it or behavior they take exception to (eating on the subways and putting shoes on the seats are the worst)

In all fairness with the standing on the seat thing, those seats are cloth cushioned and the Japanese associate shoes with possibly stepping in poop. That is just obviously rude.

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The French are ugly Americans…


The Boston subway (MBTA) used to close down at 12:30. Bars were open until 2 so to cut back on drunk driving they started a “Night Owl” service which ran the busses on the same route as the subway until 2:30.

It took an entire month for them to shut it down due to belligerence toward the drivers. Me and some friends took it a few times before we started calling it the “vomit bus”. I pity Lyft and Uber drivers on any Thursday-Saturday night around that hour. You couldn’t pay me enough to deal with that crap.


Assholes exist everywhere, even in Japan. I did encounter some rude Japanese people when i visited but i know they were outliers and overall most people i encountered on the street were very friendly and polite (especially when i took the train, which was often).That said it doesnt matter if this was in Japan or in these guys’ home country, the behavior is appalling.


In Toronto, sometimes known as the Vomit Comet, which fits with the “Ride the Rocket” theme.


The soccer/rugby confusion is understandable when it’s usually soccer fans, often English*, who get drunk and behave like this, rugby fans, not so much. Kind of nice to know French rugby fans behave like assholes when abroad, though.
Putting your feet on the seats on London Underground is very definitely frowned upon as well, and rightly so, although calling out some jackass for doing it is likely going to end up in an ugly confrontation.
*As an Englishman, I feel thoroughly ashamed when I see my countrymen behaving like dicks in other countries.


On a tour with a US group last year, we had to take a shinkansen at one point. Despite being grilled incessantly in writing and in-person about decorum on the trains, some felt the need to turn it into a military drill to ensure everyone boarded on time since the doors open/close timeframe is a mere 60s. Screaming, shouted countdowns, and general noisy stampeding ensued. One of many cringeworthy faux pas on that trip…

Shots fired!


Sounds like a pretty average day on the VTA to Alum Rock to me…

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On Paris public transit you can get fined for putting your feet on the seat. It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve seen it more than once. And Parisians are generally pretty civil on the Metro, despite the pushing and shoving that comes with being packed like sardines anywhere, but throw a major sporting event into the mix and the rules go out the window. People who frown upon eating in the train and talking too loudly are suddenly mixing “cocktails” directly into their mouths and singing at the tops of their lungs with no regard to anybody else’s comfort. Though I have to admit I’ve never seen any crowd-surfing on a French train (or any other train, for that matter).