Watch Jason Momoa and friends perform a Haka at 'Aquaman' premiere

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that guy in blue suit is totally into it and that is wonderful.


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I didn’t think I could love Momoa more. But I CAN! Dude with the camera DOWN IN FRONT.


Here’s what instantly came to mind when I saw this haka; if Jason Momoa is going to showcase a culture on the red carpet, why isn’t he doing a hula kahiko, or traditional Hawaiian dance?

This is a more meaningful - and emotional - haka

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I do this when I need to get someone out’a the mens room, I like privacy when I poop. Don’t laugh, it works like a charm.


A 1992 movie named Wind has the crew of an Americas Cup boat doing a Haka at the start of the race. I was much taken by that short sequence, but knew nothing about Haka; now I do.

The movie starred Matthew Modine, Jennifer Grey, Cliff Robertson as a crazier Ted Turner, and one of my favorite actors, Stellan Skarsgård. The executive producer was Francis Ford Coppola, although strangely the IMDB entry hardly mentions him. The movie is visually stunning but was a failure at the box office. It may be a cult classic, but the cult is very small. People who know a lot about Americas Cup racing like it.

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a few near miss impalings in that video.

i wish he would wear the orange and green.

You mean like this?

(Shot is from trailer) I imagine it will be a big reveal/final battle suit kind of thing in the film.


yes, that’s more like it!

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I’m a sucker for a good Haka. However, my appreciation for Momoa took a really serious hit when I heard of this:

“He adopted this method of ripping out the pages of my book so I would pay attention to him,” Amber Heart said on Good Morning America . “It would drive me crazy because I’d have 30 pages left and it would be gone.”

The reader in me recoils in horror, the rest of me thinks, Christ what an asshole.


I’ve never seen a bad Haka. This is no exception.


And, btw. If you are into Haka and appreciate how they get your blood flowing, Yes there is a Kiwi metal band that takes advantage of that!

(and yes, they are Sweet)


Haka is what Metal wants to be wjen it grows up

He was an absolute delight on this week’s episode of ‘The Graham Norton Show’ - between him and Gal Gadot they have enough charisma to ward off the Marvel army of Chrises.

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Is the Aquaman of the movies still Atlantean, or is he Polynesian? Or is it that in the movie fiction, Polynesians are actually Atlantean?

When they cast Momoa they made a big thing about representing Polynesian cultures, which I had expected meant they’d be basing movie Atlantis off Polynesian cultures. I think they tweaked his origin to give the character a Polynesian human father instead of a white guy.

Missed opportunity and a bit lazy.


I have a hunch that if they’d cast a blonde guy very few people would be asking “is the Aquaman of the movies still Atlantean, or is he European?”


That film is notable for some of us because it shows people racing the international 14s, which is the boat I currently sail. Very exciting stuff.

But the Haka is just cool in every way. I watched “Whale Rider” again recently, and the Haka figures prominently, and with explanations.

Maybe Atlantis and Mu are the same place.