California sues Trump over climate-warming tailpipe emissions rollback

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If only we had another option back in 2016 for POTUS besides tRump Co…


Hmmm, NYT says 23 but your list shows 13.

Remember when the GOP was all in favor of “states rights”?

Me neither, because they never truly were, just like they were never really in favor of a balanced budget amendment or term limits for senators, or thought that “character and strong moral fiber” were prerequisites for being president. They simply paid lip service to these concepts as a ruse to gain more power.


I wonder how many lawsuits in toto have been brought against this Grotesque and his dark army.

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The Bear Flag Republic, geographic centre of the resistance!

And also for the racism.

It’s his life story. He may have thrown away Roy Cohn like a used Kleenex, but he learned to love fighting lawsuits in the same deranged way that his mentor did.


The two top Trump administration officials overseeing the move proudly defended it at a Thursday morning news conference at the Washington headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency.
How in Hell can anyone stand up and defend dirty air, with the inevitable illness and premature death that accompanies it? Shades of 1939 Germany.


BTW Germans are hardcore as fuck about protesting against climate change


His adoring supporters are mouth-breathing coal-rollers who love their big ol’ pickup trucks. He’s stand up an defend a giant meteor hurtling toward Earth if they loved it, too.



#)@^%)#(*#$ !!!

The current occupant of the White house is a narcissistic psychopath that doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself - that’s a given on my part. I was thinking of the people that stand in front of the cameras and proudly defend this policy that’s blatantly and obviously bad for the American people in so many ways.


In the end, it’s the same question I ask about anyone who’d willingly work for this monstrous person. For most of them I assume it’s about the money, though I’m sure for some of them it’s also about the sociopath’s nihilistic and sadistic glee.


States’ rights you say? I wonder if the republicans are on record at some point expressing an opinion on the principle.


Do you think those pixels are free?

He hates anything that represents progressive ideas, anything that Obama allowed and loves anything that will amuse his knuckle dragging worshippers. Stupidity appeals to his followers and he never fails to deliver on dumbass ideas.


Heard the interview on NPR today with Andrew Wheeler, Trump’s lobotomy project ex coal lobbyist running the EPA.

My jaw dropped at his last comment which was a rebuttal of the idea that California should sue, because (paraphrasing) " the state of California should worry more about giving their constituents clean air and clean water before worrying about frivolous lawsuits"

This is from the man who is literally orchestrating the fucking rollback of many environmental laws, including de-protecting a massive amount of waterways nationwide, and in California, by gutting the Clean Water Act definitions of protected waterways. And the man leading rebut of the very lawsuit California is making to remove more air pollution from cars.

This was like a murderer saying to the jury convicting him, based on good evidence, that the judge shouldn’t worry about finding him guilty, he should be trying harder to put more murderers in jail.

Yeah, you read that right- there is no logic. He’s argument is quite literally they act of ignoring objective reality, and he’s okay with going on record saying that because he’s absolutely convinced no one who hears his comments is smart enough to understand that.
Really tells you a lot about the man’s intelligence.

I really do hope there is a hell, I wish I could know for sure, so that at least I could sleep at night knowing pustulant sacks of shit like this have a place to go that I don’t have to join in.


Fundamentally different brain structure.

In my family’s case there is a lot of this:

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As far as the Republicans are concerned it’s States Rights*

*to be racist slave owners.


So is this going to limit the regulations California can set for themselves, or just not force the other 49 states to have to follow what California does?

California never had the legal authority to dictate mileage or emissions standards for other states. What California had was the power of market share, which meant any car company that wanted to sell cars in California (which is to say, all of them) had to design them to those stricter standards.

Theoretically any car company could have built a lower-mileage, higher-pollution variant of any of their vehicles to sell in the other 49 states but in practice why would they?