Calling it already: China's "Chick Chick" is the song of the year




Needs more cowbell…


Needs more GOB:


It still doesn’t stand up to PONPONPON.


Remove the visuals, and there’s nothing there. Compare to “What does the fox say” or “Gangnam Style”, which are at least listenable.



Reminds me of something that Ann Magnuson would have did in the late 80’s…


Someone is finally keying in on Eric Wareheim’s contributions to arts and letters in the musicological videograponomy subgenre.

Pon de Floor


Video style takes a lot from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Music - total ripoff of T-ara’s BoPeep :

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's carefully-planned surrealism



We’re pretty close to this sort of pop music literally representing slightly different slider settings and checkboxes in culture generation software. We’re just manually AB testing tropes.


Well I never.


Maybe you had to be there. i.e. in China, since birth 15-25 years ago.


Anyone else disturbed by the half naked guys with animal heads? They really sort of creeped me out.


I’ve heard nuking it from orbit is the only way to be sure.


Your subversive advertising will not work on me, KFC!

Now, off to Popeye’s…


Translation? Or are those just chicken noises.


I find chickens with boobs much creepier.


Pants dance is nice.


Oh hell no, Chinese horse guys are hot.