Donald Trump saying "China" with bass accompaniment


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It’s like hearing an adult talk in a Peanuts cartoon. With a heaping pile of racism added, but noise none-the-less


About midway through, China started sounding like a nonsense word to me. That was odd.


I have that same response to all the other words trump says.


I was expecting something more like this.


Heh. A kinder, gentler Orientalism.


I was hoping for something more like this:


Somewhat of a leap, but it did remind me of this:


I was thinking that it had a cool 70’s Brit Sci-Fi music sound to it, like Space 1999 or old Dr. Who, but yours is a lot better. :slight_smile:


…and me of

(funnier if you know the german politician and his strange speech)

Still something different and very cool, though!


I was expecting death metal with periodic breaks for Trump to shout a pitched “CHINA!” but I guess the video as is is pretty good too. :slight_smile:


The first time I’ve heard those words used to describe Trump.


FTR, I was describing a music video.


It could be worse.

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