Cambridge Analytica spawns creepy new spinoff: meet 'Auspex International.'


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If they’re using Auspex, I’d better up my level of Obfuscate.


I definitely can’t think of any cases of “I bet that’s still legal in the developing world!” going downhill really fast before; so I’m going to be upbeat about this one.


For “un-named African state” I’m guessing Uganda, which seems to be a developing-world test market for right-wing scumbags of all varieties from the G7 nations.


Good guess. Could well be.


Heh, I was going to say something along the same lines but you beat me to it.


I’d like to think that RPG geeks wouldn’t grow up to be fascist grifter shit-bags, but, well, Palantir.

#9 has a company name generator, but I must have missed the creepy dystopian corporation name generator that authoritarian regime-sucking corporatists have been using lately.


What me and you would consider bad publicity are of course the reasons their clients use them, although with a little more anonymity this time.


It seems appropriate that you can find Auspexes in the grim dark universe of the future in which there is only war.


Came for the Vampire or Warhammer 40.000 reference. Was not disappointed.


Demon seed.


That generator gave me “Elitelligence” and “Shadoworks”, which have an authoritarian regime-sucking ring to them.


First thing that comes to mind:


Gee, sure would be a shame if the place mysteriously burned to the ground…


Makes sense.

I attended a UN event in Kampala a few years ago about increasing cybersecurity awareness in a population that is rapidly going on line. A senior Ugandan policeman berated the Brits in particular for refusing to help them identify and persecute gay activists who were in contact with people in London.

Gorgeous country, fantastic people (most of them), horrible government.


Incite to violence much?




I wonder which Clan they favor? Malkavian Anti-Tribu?