Camouflage cakes are a (delicious) thing


The “pink camo” thing is weird, but I think it demonstrates that camo patterns are visually appealing regardless of palette or context.

Also it’s fun to imagine what kind of environment it’s camouflage for. Barbie store?


The only good camouflage is the one you don’t see until it’s too late.

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I was thinking maybe a McNuggets factory.

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Substitute for blaze orange on hunting clothing?

Pink should be okay in a camouflage for deer, and related species, hunting since they don’t see reds.

It doesn’t work for hiding from people though, yeah.

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Am I really weird for thinking that frosting is way over-used? I mean it looks like a lot of work went in to that cake, but that seems like a lot of frosting.

I’m with you. They should have iced it.

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I don’t see anything. Where is it?

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