Camouflage ice cream


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When I was a kid I used to insist that Neapolitan ice cream formed a basis for ice cream space and that all other flavors were linear combinations of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla - the ‘primary flavors’

“Even cherry vanilla?”


“Even pistachio?”

“Yes! Every flavor!”


They had me at pistachio…until I remembered the place I know that has pistachio gelato, among other flavors. It’s subtle so it gets lost in the cold. Peanut butter holds up better.


It’s a scam! You open it up an there is NOTHING IN THERE!

I tried to take it back, and the person didn’t believe me. They were like, “It is there, you just can’t see it.”

So I had her put her hand in the tub, and she was like, “Well obviously you already ate it and are trying to get free ice cream. I wasn’t born yesterday!”



Cream cheese ice cream? No thanks.


That gave me pause as well. Maybe it helps balance and blend the other flavors, but…


It’s Blue Bell so I will turn and face Brenham Texas and give thanks if served it. (and to pray it doesn’t come with extra Listeria)


Pistachio? Boo!*

  • Paid for by Screw Pistachio PAC: For a Better, Pisatchioless America.


And by “the rest” we mean we dumped what was left over in a vat and asked what it looked like.


Two things:

Cream cheese ice cream???


###Blood Orange Sorbeto.



Woodland pattern camo is made out of cow-and-little-girl shapes? :smiley:


Two things you hopefully never want to shoot. Although…


Blue Bell ice cream was one of the few things I actually liked about living in Texas.


I was going to post this. Talenti supposedly sells a blood orange sorbetto, and their products are sold in local stores, but I haven’t seen the blood orange.


Surprisingly good camoflage near rural schools.

Unless you have school shooter incident then it’s just a target


I’ve had had it; it’s:


This is probably an urban legend, but a rumor at my college is one of the football players got in trouble (but still was on the team) because he was bragging about deer hunting.

He came from some other large city and was a transplant in a medium sized midwest town. Evidently he thought he saw some deer in a field and shot 3 of them. He was like, “Why do people dress up or act like hunting is hard. I shot 3 deer. They just stood there.”

Well as you can guess, those were cows. Farmer was paid for the cost of cows and to keep quiet. We did have a heck of a team that year.


I’ve heard a variation of that:

“I didn’t realize deer were so small.”
“That’s because those are goats.”

A story I do know is true is the one of my great uncle Elmer bringing venison to a family gathering. When asked how he finally got a deer he said, “Well, Edwin held the spotlight…”

Edwin was his twin brother who did not learn from the ill-fated drive to Europe. The whole thing was quickly hushed up to avoid a repeat of the “bald eagle incident”.


Man, I came to make about a quarter of that joke. I kneel before the Master.


It’s probably pretty good. Years ago, Haagen Dazs had carrot cake ice cream. Cream cheese frosting ice cream with chunks of carrot cake mixed in. It was the best thing I ever tasted.