Watch students reacting to ranch flavored ice cream

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i love ranch, but i’m sure this would just not taste right to me. it’s the sweetness that would ruin it. also, it’s Hidden Valley made from the packet that’s the best. even the bottled stuff is off somehow.

I’d go for Jolly Rancher flavored, especially purple…

Why would you want Jolly Rancher flavored Ranch Dressing?


Purple cabbage, purple tomatoes, purple chard, beetroot, it would really tie the salad together I think.

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Don’t forget the ube as well.

Back to the topic of ice cream, one of the things I miss from Hawaii is Oreo cookie and Ube ice cream… so purple, so good. While you can get ube gelato here, it’s not quite the same (ube gelato is kinda chunky and starchy, which is good in its own way, but not Oreo and ube).


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