Can has data-optimized cheeseburger? Yes


I could get excited about this kind of analysis: I’d love to find the best restaurants with views, who serves fried mushrooms where, and can I eat breakfast at a burlesque joint. I’d even consider places out of my area code, to know where to go next I travel. I just lack her programming skill.

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As Mason points out, this isn’t about cheeseburgers, really: it’s about the power (and limits) of cross-referenced data.


To create a mediocrity society that only pays attention to what crowds enjoy…and push down interesting things that might be unexpected, or simply out of ordinary.

IE: In Alabama all vegetables '‘liked’ by the crowd source data set would be over cooked with ham and bacon grease.
Not to mention books…movies and TV.

Except breaking bad…we like that here. Multiple times a week…again and again.

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I can has cheezburger? --cat

You make this sound like a bad thing.

I’m pretty much of the same opinion. Most people I know think Five Guy’s has great burgers and that the fries are near orgasmic levels…frankly my opinion of them is not nearly as high. And really there are varying types of burgers which cater to the various different tastes that people have. My wife likes a burger from Red Robin simply because it isn’t all meat, while I prefer mine with a closer to 70% meat ratio.

It only took statisticians 70 years to prove that smoking causes lung cancer (maybe).

Holding out for Netflix-pizza myself.

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