Each state's most disproportionately popular cuisine




ok, i’ll do it - delaware =/= maryland

[edit] ahh, that’s better


Notice the curious lack of British cuisine.


What a delicious country we live in. Except those freaks in Colorado.


How surprising that the Southern states like Southern food and New Yorkers eat the most kosher.


Hells yeah, VTers and IDans know their food!

(There’s only a few self-titled “gastropubs” in Vermont, but the category stands in well as shorthand for “small business owned restaurants that sell locally-sourced foods and have at least 4 or 5 VT beers on tap.”)

I’m so, so, so sorry, MN/IA.


What is traditional American cuisine?


Hotdogs? Soup?

Real nice, keep up the great work.


The fact that the majority of Michigan’s population lives in the Detroit metro might be skewing results here. You might be somewhat hard pressed to find good falafel in the UP.


Gluten-Free is not a cuisine. It is a diagnosis.

And I have never had Taiwanese food. I don’t know that I have ever seen a Taiwanese restaurant.


Find a copy of the Betty Crocker cookbook c. 1955. Within this tome you will find a collection of dishes that one might describe as “traditional American” in the same way the term is being utilized for the purposes of this map. It definitely contains the types of dishes that one is likely to find on the menu at one of Wisconsin’s numerous <a href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supper_club"target=”_blank">supper clubs.


I’d guess it’s a capitalist version of continental Chinese cuisine.


The results for Alaska surprise me. I would have guessed Thai at number 1 since I can name a half dozen excellent Thai restaurants around the state, but don’t know of any Filipino ones. My guess that fish and chips are at number 2 is because of all the dockside shacks that sell to tourists in the summer. I don’t think anyone has ever recommended a place to me because of their fish and chips.


Well there certainly ARE a bunch of Peruvian chicken places in the suburbs of DC…And I’m guessing that one or two Belgian restaurants in DC are enough to be “most disproportionate”


Speaking as a Tennessean, what the hell is “Southern”? I guess it’s deep fried meat & three, but there are regional variations.


Utah really surprised me.


I think you may be failing to appreciate the simple glory of soup. Great, now I’m probably going to have soup for dinner.


These state-by-state maps are ridiculous. ALL of California loves Taiwanese? ALL of New York loves kosher? Is all food served south of the Mason-Dixon refereed to as “Southern?” Is Mexico’s favorite food Mexican?


How about county by county?


Remember this is not the most popular cuisine in Utah. It’s the most disproportionately popular cuisine among Utah Yelp users. It’s a safe bet the sample size is rather small.


They charge per noodle?