Restaurant preferences mapped

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Pizza Hut started in Wichita, Kansas.


Wonder how it compares to pizza delivery?

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“In a surprising upset, South Dakota apparently prefers not to eat”


Borders called out like the Kentucky one is probably due to beer and wine restrictions. Some of those rural counties are dry. West Va has a few dry counties where you have to drive to the edge and cross over to get beer and wine with food. Or as most locals do, brew or distill your own.


What color is panda?

@Akimbo_NOT If I want to save money on booze, I can just drive 100 yards into Kentucky. Not many dry counties any more. I’m thinking maybe the map doesn’t count delivery, which could be more popular some places?



I smell a lack of cuisine diversification; top chart shows ranges of racial/cultural diversity across the US. At least some graphic correlation especially from central US up into New England States; could be coincidental.


I wonder how Amazon is using this in determining the location of their new HQ…


I am now looking up what kind of restaurants they even have in Barrow, Alaska.

Interesting to see Champaign County, IL shown as a BBQ hotspot. When I lived there 30 years ago, Lil’ Porgy’s BBQ on Champaign’s west side was a favorite of mine, and I’m very glad that they’re still in business. There one of the few of my favorites there that are both still in business and in their original location.

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I guess this is on county level?

Southeast Oregon is really blocky; easy to tell what (for example) Malheur County eats.

and then there’s Wallace county, Kansas, which is about as far from the sea as you can get, and a dry county to boot, but somehow seafood is what they prefer? Mind you, I’m not expecting rational behaviour in a county that was 90% for Trump.


See all that darkness in Western New York state on the coffee map? Sooo many Tim Hortons.

Wow! The folks on the North Slope love their pizza!

Where’s the map for middle eastern food? Or generalized Americana (Coney Islands, supper clubs and diners)?

There could just be one good catfish restaurant.

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