Can you elude a police bloodhound? Here's how!

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… I could have sworn that Mythbusters already did this.


Ol’ Luke figured it out a long time ago…


But I want the puppy to find me!


See 09:38

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Wait…you’re supposed to watch the video before commenting? Huh. Learn something new every day.



They did and it was one of their copaganda episodes that I didn’t like.

Long story short, none of the techniques they tested fooled the bloodhound, but what irked me is that a fugitive would keep running and not hole up somewhere, until or unless that was no longer an option. Granted, in testing, that wouldn’t be practical to do that for a TV show, but it bothered me.


All you really need is one of those strings of sausages that are all connected. That’s why THE MAN makes them so hard to find these days and all you can get are packages of separated ones.


I mean, some people keep moving, and some people try to hide out somewhere. With out dogs, it is really easy to get lost in the woods and have people literally walk over you. Early days of paintball had a lot more sneaking and hiding and boy could you startle people who walked right by you.

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Ok, I’m looking forward to tips on escaping from police robo-hounds, too:

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:thinking: Probably need a suit to mask heat, and advanced camouflage skillz…

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I think the only drawback is that they’d probably be difficult to kill, like cockroaches in a carefully planned hydraulic press experiment.


Fahrenheit 451 is almost here, all that thing is missing is the syringe. We’re about half an inch from literally burning books, so the robo-cop-dog makes me nervous.


It’s not easy unless you have all that gear. A friend of my dad raised and trained tracking bloodhounds in the 1950s and used my brother and I as targets sometimes.

We got several hours head start, up to a day if we stayed out overnight, to get away from the dogs. We tried every trick we had read of or could think of and had abysmal success. The one thing that might have worked would have been to float down the river with a log, mostly submerged, and that was too dangerous. Rules were: no hitchhiking, no bicycles.

This guy gave the dog an hour - SAR or law enforcement teams don’t give up in an hour. We’d be hours out, miles away, with three creekis between us and the starting poinit, feeling pretty cocky about ourselves and hear arooooo arooooo in the distance and know we were going to pay the penalty. Bloodhounds SLURP their prey to death.



After seeing Rober’s video and hearing stuff here in the comments, I just feel so bad for enslaved people who would make a run for it. Seems they would never have had a chance. I’m esaddened even more.

Now, trying to get away from tracking dogs is one thing, but what I’d like to know is how to defend yourself from dog attacks. Whenever a post shows up on Boing about cops setting their k9s loose on someone and the damage they do and the incompetence of the cop handler, my blood freakin boils. I’m certain I’ll never be in a situation where I’d need to know, but I’d like to know how to handle such a situation. I once youtubed the question, but didn’t get good results.

Years ago, I took a ‘practical/tactical handgun’ class and one thing that stuck with me is that once you decide to fire on someone attacking you, you need to end the attack, then and there, and any forthcoming attacks like lawsuits in case they survive. IOW, no aiming for the leg to wound them. I feel I’d need to do the same with a cop k9, finish it.


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