'Can you picture that?' a Muppet music video


LOVE Electric Mayhem, LOVE this song, LOVE the concept… but the execution is making me motion-sick! Eep!

Guess I’m old now!

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You’re never old as long as you love the Muppets. If you can’t take the visuals just close your eyes and groove to the music.

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[reaches for the dramamine]


I have had a completely shitty day today, pc problems, work problems, blood sugar problems and more. I came home and clicked on play… thats all better now

The Muppet Movie was one of the first movies I got to see in the theater. I still love it, and I still miss Jim Henson. :’(


Our pre-school did a field trip to see it. Walked from the Ed. Bldg over to the State theater en masse across the U of Michigan campus. Certain parts of that memory are gone (did we take the diag? I imagine we must have) while others remain very vivid (crowding into the dim-lit theater, our teachers ushering us into seats, the fork in the road, the opening with “Rainbow Connection.”)


While we are feeling the Muppets, enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgbNymZ7vqY&list=RD02SHogg7pJI_M

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That’s awesome, my dentist’s office is just about across the street from the State. I would imagine you walked across the diag so they only had to heard you across N. University to get to the State. BTW, the State is probably exactly the same, plus a bit more fraying, as it was when you were a preschooler. They were going to remodel, but I just read on the local blog that pretends to be Ann Arbor’s news paper that they pulled their application from the Historic Commission (probably too expensive to meet H.C. requirements, cheaper to just let the place collapse on itself).

I just feel the need to share that since reading this post and watching the video yesterday, I’ve had this song running through my head. Only I don’t really know all the lyrics to the song, so it’s really just the general rhythm of the song (“dadadadada, dadadadadada, dadadadadadada…”) followed by “CAN YOU PICTURE THAT”, over and over, and then sometimes the bridge will pop in, and usually my brain will substitute some OTHER words for the “dadadadadadadas” that don’t really make any sense.

Basically, I am now insane.


Thank you!

whoa, the person I replied to is actually in Ann Arbor! what’re the odds? I didn’t include those details specifically for you (i.e. if you’ve ever mentioned you live there, i didn’t retain it) but just more to re-live the memory. totally weird and awesome! after Child Care Action Center in the Ed Bldg, I went to Angel Elementary just up the street until 3rd grade, so I was on that campus like every day.

The State actually figures into one of my favorite films, Chameleon Street. I wrote about CS on BB last year for Mind-Blowing Movie Week but due to my deadline, I left out this bit of solipsism: the protagonist goes to see Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast while studying at Yale, except “Yale” was actually shot on UofM’s campus. The ordinary viewer might never have known, but in that scene’s establishing shot, the protagonist walks under the State’s marquee. Lemme tell ya, that was as mind-blowing to me personally as anything else about that film.

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Ann Arbor is a really small town if you eliminate the university and associated hospitals. Seems like the world in general, in spite of 7B inhabitants, isn’t much bigger. I take it your parent/s were in grad school when you were little?

Over the last few years, a bunch of movies have been shot around here. Most of them do a lot of CG in post-production, which makes it more difficult to identify any landmarks. :frowning: Dumbest CG of A2 area to date has to be in Jumper where they CG’d “Ann Arbor” onto Ypsi’s octopus-style water tower (would’ve been funnier if they’d CG’d it on to The Brick Dick instead). A2 has exactly two water towers and they’re both spheroid. Pretty obvious to anyone familiar with the area.

I loved this song when I was a kid, but hearing it again now and reading the lyrics, I can’t help thinking that somehow it was written as the official anthem for Photoshop.

totally. most people’s experience of that campus is as a student, but not preschool :^)

They filmed the city scenes for the first season of the Walking Dead here in ATL exactly one block from where I worked at the time. When you watched it, it looked like they were traveling through the downtown, except it was all shot on two sides of the same block, very disorienting.

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