Can you spot the ticks in this poppy seed muffin?


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World's biggest orgy to be attempted in Las Vegas

They’d be a lot easier to spot if they were fully engorged with blood. Tastier too, I imagine.


Yet another reason not to fuck with anything that has poppy seeds.


Yum. Protein-enhanced muffins. :sunglasses:


I’m betting Lyme Disease via oral ingestion of a tick is rather rare. You could be one of the lucky few!


Plot Twist: They’re All Ticks



Sure, everyone knows what those tiny ticks can do to you. But what about those nasty poppy seeds? Perhaps some sinister misdirection here…with the appetizing muffin-glow to distract us? Ever get one of those little bastards stuck between teeth? Hmmmm? Very suspicious.


Were the ticks added before or after baking?


It does look like a pretty unhealthy muffin.

So I guess its a win win from a public health pov.


Raw foods are better, right?


To be fair, they’re cheaper than poppy seeds these heroin-crazed days.


…and there go poppy seed futures.


I thought it would have been a lot more effective if the ticks were actually spread out over the muffin instead of being in a big clump.

Also, I looked at poppy seed muffins at the store the same day this was tweeted and thought “Yeah, not going to buy those for a while.”


Hey, it’s protein.


Well maybe I can, but I refuse to do so.


Just make sure the seeds aren’t moving when you buy one.


Not 12 hours ago I discovered a tick firmly planted on my…um…purple helmeted warrior. Right on the helmet. It was much easier to see that the ticks on the muffin.


This story was reported on the radio an hour ago. One listener pointed out that the ticks can’t bite you if you bite them first.


I was eating a muffin right now, but not anymore.