Can you tell the difference? Take this superfake designer handbag quiz

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I wouldn’t be able to identify a designer handbag from a cheap non-knockoff, much less something trying to look like a designer bag. Designer bags often look cheap and fake to me.

To make things more complicated, I once read there were a certain number of designer “fakes” that were being made in the same factories as the “real” items - the factory would be contracted to make a certain number, but they’d make more than that and sell them off themselves. Literally the only thing that made them “fake” was the sales channels they went through.


I wouldn’t know, because I’m not the target demographic.

Admittedly, the last backpack I bought was some cheap thing off amazon that hasn’t fallen apart on me (yet), because I got tired of burning through ~$100 swissgear and targus laptop backpacks/bags on a regular basis, and the Messenger Bag Of Holding (that I dropped in excess of $200 on from Maxpedition back in 2015) was a little too big for what I needed at the time.

I’ve been collecting a small number of purses, and the current daily driver is a $20 walmart thing that I’ve also not managed to kill yet. I have… plans for the Colossus Versapack I bought back in 2009 as a ‘laptop’ bag for the netbook I had at the time, so it’s currently sitting on the projects table waiting for me to figure out how I’m going to do what I want to do with it. (i.e., make it look less… tactical and more colorful without loosing too much functionality; that might translate over to the messenger bag as well, as it’s along the same lines of ‘tactical’ gear back during my ‘gun nut’ stage that I’ve grown out of…

Pictures are a little small. In fairness, those are the first time I’m seeing those designs, so I wouldn’t know what to look for.

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