Can you use the phrase "Clump of Worms" in a sentence (without sounding like an idiot doing the bare minimum to get by)?


Continuing the discussion from Thousands of worms found in neat piles on road:


In sophisticated banter?

She had so much to drink, she was like a… clump of worms. [puffs on looooong cigarette holder]


The clump of worms slowed their writhing, eventually revealing that the monster was indeed a massive boar.


A clump of worms lies in the field of elephants.


It wasn’t an orgy, so much as a… clump of worms.
[puffs on looooong cigarette holder]


The all too visible clump of worms in the specimen’s pulmonary artery dashed the budding veterinarian’s faint hope that ‘heartworms’ had been so named for some less obvious reason.


I was digging in the garden when I unearthed an unusually large clump of worms. I thought, “hey that’s good” and replaced the soil I had removed.

I’m sooooo dull.


It wasn’t so bad when the worms still slithered. No, you hardly noticed them then, really. But once they began to develop the legs…then the feet…then the tiny boots…then the marching, oh, the marching! It was enough to drive one crazy. All day. Round and round the house. The noise! The clump, clump, clump of worms became unceasing…


He’s as classy as a clump of worms.


Let’s not disparage a perfectly respectable clump of worms now.


And yet the church was not to remain united much longer; irreparable schism was closing in, and war would not be far behind. Perhaps those with keen ears could hear them on the march, following close upon the determined footfalls of the Ninety-five Theses, and the heavier clump of Worms.


Her eyes glistened wistfully like a clump of worms on a lonely highway.


He’s as gassy as a decaying clump of worms.


Jesus G-d, man! I just vomited up my spaghetti (that I slurped down without chewing). Care to guess what it looks like?


That was the nice one… I’ve been trying to forget the ones that actually glistened.


I am 9 hours too late.


“Oh, look at that clump of worms!” she cried out.

Her companion, with raised eyebrows, said “I believe the term you’re looking for might be a ‘clew’ of worms or a ‘clat’ of worms.”

“Well, it sure looks like a clump of worms to me!” she said. “And that reminds me of a joke we used to tell when we were kids: A city slicker was visiting his friend the farmer, and they went out to look over the fields. The city slicker said ‘Oh, look at that bunch of cows!’ And the farmer said ‘Not bunch, herd.’ And the city slicker said ‘Heard of cows? Of course I’ve heard of cows!’ And the farmer said ‘No, no, I mean the cow herd.’ And the city slicker said ‘Oh, that’s okay, I don’t have any secrets!’”

Her companion sniffed “When you were ‘kids’? What were you and your siblings, a bunch of baby goats?”

She sighed, then winked and said “I think you mean a ‘herd’ of baby goats, don’t you, dear? And, I like ‘clump of worms’, so there, it’s a good phrase and I’m going to start using it!”



Really should be a slime|slobber|spittle of worms.


Surely you mean a Diet of Worms?