Can you watch a 3 minute video of a man challenging you to watch a 3 minute video?


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Does it count that my phone rang with a spam robo-call at the 2 minute mark?

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I immediately thought of the xkcd ‘tautology club’:

(Full disclosure: I did not watch the video. Can I? Probably yes. Will I. Probably no…)

Yesterday, I wanted to check out a QI episode, F: France, because I wanted to hear someone reference Schwarzenegger’s accent in German–apparently he speaks like a country bumpkin.

No luck on youtube. Then I tried dailymotion. Every seven minutes, like clockwork, a video popped up, interupting the flow of conversation between Alan, Steven, Jo, Hugh and Phil.

Some ads were short-- 30 seconds. Some ads were long-- 180 seconds. And some ads were eternal-- 3600 seconds. What sort of algorithm decides:

No, the user is not really interested in seeing a old British panel show. What the user wants to see is an informercial for “Arthritis relief through Tai Chi”.

Of course I’m going to skip that ad, you stupid, stupid, git…


More worser is Hulu where if you do 10 second jump back to catch something - the TiVo jumpback button is my addiction - they re-roll the entire 90 second commercial block of the SAME SAME SAME no application aggravation advertising.

Yeah, Hulu, let me reach my wallet to subscribe for this abuse.


Sadly, I’m willing to spend 3 minutes watching self-referential meta-humor and internet social commentary. Other videos don’t fair as well as this one for me. The methylphenidate helps too.


Tried to watch but got dick stuck, pls advise.

This is whatsit’s rule, isn’t it, where if the headline is a question, the answer is no?

Well, I couldn’t anyway. I gave up after 30 secs.

Do I win if I stop watching before I start?


Have you ever experienced an actual minute of silence? It can be agonizing… or enlightening.

The clock’s second hand was rotating counterclockwise.

Can I get a transcript?

Well … that wasn´t so bad. Maybe I´m getting old.


He does, but the really freaky thing is, he speaks like an Austrian country bumpkin with an American accent.

It’s not a clock. It’s a timer. I noticed it too and was all wtf but then realized it was set at 3 minutes and counting down.

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  • I’m a sucker for a dare (as long as it’s not physically dangerous).

  • I’ve been on enough blind dates that those 3 minutes really were NOTHING, my friends.

  • He makes a very good point.


I gotta be honest: I watched the whole video but I seriously question whether it was because of the fascinating dare or the fascinating guy. I dare you to find out.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That…

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