Canada and South Korea manage a free trade agreement without crazy copyright provisions


It helps that Canada hasn’t had any IP worth protecting since Anne of Green Gables. (I kid I kid)


I guess according to Prof. Stephen Cohen the US will have to invade Canada now.

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Wait, what? We did something right? But Overlord Harper has been working so hard on recreating the Republican American Dream up here.

Very telling is that the US is now ahead of us in fixing the war on drugs.

[quote=NDP trade critic Don Davies] “Are they going to go just to shake hands, have a photo-op and sign an agreement-in-principle without the actual details or text to be released?”

Davies assailed the government for a total lack of transparency, and questioned whether the deal would be able to protect jobs in Canada’s auto sector.

“In trade deals, it’s details that matter,” he said.

“The Conservatives have the least transparent trade policy probably in the developed world. They are closed, they are secretive and they don’t involve a lot of stakeholders; they don’t involve the opposition.”[/quote]

In Up Coming Events, Haprer’s government guts the Ministry of Environment.

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