Canada stripped the TPP of its terrible IP proposals: will the US seek revenge in NAFTA talks?


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Canada is kicking ass?


And apologizing for it.


They’re all oot of gum, eh?


Most Canadians would rather have our government walk away from NAFTA if the current collection of American bozos won’t negotiate in good faith. The fact that your ‘President’ doesn’t understand anything about international trade, finance or international relations makes a successful renewal of the agreement an iffy proposition.
As dRump is trying to flush the US economy down a golden toilet, Canada is busily making multilateral trade deals all over the globe.


… and as the Iran sanction proposals have shown is willing to renege on any treaty.


Part of me would like to see the talks delayed so that the U.S. can see the true cost of brain-dead protectionism (although in Davos Dolt-45’s handlers made sure he let the global plutocracy know “America First” is just for his right-wing populist marks).


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