Canada's brave resistance versus America's giant killer robots

Ah, the all caps was getting me. I dunno, WoLVERINES!!! just doesn’t have the passion required to convey the meaning.


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(your posting ability is sufficiently advanced as to look like magic to me)

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I will have to keep that in mind.

Or write gibberish inside HTML tags


I’m Canadian and never once heard anyone worried about this. Were you in Alberta (I’m in the Eastern part and Alberta sounds pretty wacky sometimes)?

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Alberta is probably the only province that would actually greet the U.S. as liberators. At least until they realize all their oil fields have been secured by the military and the government oil revenues they relied on are completely diverted south.

Because war. War never changes.

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My Honor English teacher in college was Canadian. We used to tease him about it. I remember him talking about speculative fiction where Canada beat the US in a war. I said something like, “The only way Canada would beat America in a war is if when were were planting the flag over your broken bodies the hand of God came down and smite us.”

I retold the joke to a friend who was a big war gamer and he said that they actually had a decent shot because Canada was all mountains and lakes and very defendable especially in a land war.


Ah, you’ve done business in Canada.


Trying to draw like Moebius are we?

A more appropriate battle cry would be “Roughrider!!!”

You sure they weren’t just making fun of a hoser?

Speaking of Wolverines, where a plucky band of students resists the foreign occupation forces; ‘Taliban’ is Pashto for “students”…

How much flak do you think you could get for “Red, White, and Blue Dawn”, a movie wherein a plucky band of students resist the foreign occupation forces?


You mean like Charlie Wilson’s War?

Thought it was a great but ultimately heartbreaking movie.

If only Dubya could’ve had a third term…
The inevitable Canadian invasion might have looked like this:


Something something thumbwheel potentiometer.

Heh heh. Now I get to join your geek pun circle, right?

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